February 15, 2008

the Murano's Valentine's day menu swindle
Too little is not enough ...

I usually do not like posting nasty restaurant revues in this blog, but too much is enough...

I took my girlfriend yesterday evening (Valentine's day) to the Murano 30 bd du temple. It's a place I've been 2 years ago when they opened and my recollection of the diner was rather good. Yesterday was anoter story.

First of all, the reservation desk forces you to give your credit card numbers over the web (or the phone if you're clever enough not to send your card details in an email), and your email to confirm the reservation. Then, for Valentine's day, they offer a fixed menu set @ 130€ per head which is not exactly my idea of cheap, but the place is trendy and I wanted to show my only love some attention.

Here comes the painful bit. The Murano restaurant is part of the hotel Murano Urban Resort, a new international stop over. Dedicated to a 21st century art de vivre, this hotel "resort" subtly mixes luxury with relaxation, classicism with modernity. the design is realy good if you like white and the staff was very nice...

Too bad the menu was a HUGE disapointment. A modern appetizer made of sugar frosted rose's petal with a Foie gras lollypop (not 100% real foie gras if you ask me) then after waiting for 15 minutes the entree: on the menu it stated "poached oysterS with ginger beads" I emphatized the final S to OysterS as we only received 2 oysters (one for each of us) not really tasty but way too little in our stomach anyway. both tables around our had very nice couples going through the same disappointement... After waiting another 20 minutes the scallops ( 2 scallops in 1 shell for each of us - a real feast) another wait for a glass of vodka with rasperry jelly as a "trou normand" which wasn't really necessary considerig the amount of food we had since then. Another 20 minutes to receive our main course (the couple on our right waited over 45 minutes for the same course) consisting of 2 "ping-pong" size balls of Quail and Lamb (very nicely cooked) and a dash of some vegetable I wasn't able to recognize (when I say dash it means a little finger long streak of veggies in the middle of your plate). To conclude this gargantuesk feast of food the "love apple" which was nearly the most enjoyable and consisitent piece of the all evening accompanied by a glass of champagne.

To make a long story short, Avoid the Murano restaurant or have a drink at the bar to enjoy some nice design and stare at some trendy parisians. Stay away from the restaurant unless you're on a serious diet (the only very consistent piece was the bill = 494€ for 2 incuding wine (Very nice Chassagne Montrachet 2005)

There are plenty of grat place in Paris and this one isn't really worth a visit.

February 10, 2008

Cantonese "best kept secret" restaurant in Paris

This adress I'm about to disclose is one of my secret adresses in Paris. It took me a while to share it with you guys but let me tell you why it was worth the wait...

I live in the 13th borough of Paris, known as the Paris' chinatown, for about 15 years and it took me nearly the very same 15 years to discover a genuine cantonese restaurant. I'm not talking about the chinese tourist outlet (usually a vietnamese one) you'll find every 10 meters on avenue d'Ivry or de Choisy. I'm talking about the real thing...

A traditionnal chinese cuisine restaurant that doesn't cost an arm and deliver on its promises. Do not expect to find a trendy sophisticated spot though... it doesn't look a tenth good as it taste but I've been there twice since and every time, diner was pretty damn good. A friend of a friend told me about this brilliant Cantonese restaurant and he was right. He told me his parents (chinese living in Beijin) said this place was OK which was a fantastic compliment considering the fact that they believe every chinese restaurant in Paris were crap!

The cooks know what they are doing in the kitchen, and the food is dished out on aged melamine plate, served on paper-covered tables- no brushed plastic Ikea chairs, chandeliers or quirky flatware or gasp, the little stand for chopsticks, this joint strenuously avoids all unnecessary frills. And still manages to pack in the crowds. This is as good as it gets if one hankers for anything resembling decent Chinese food in Paris.

They do staples like noodles, tofu and roasted meats well but what made me really happy was to see claypot dishes on their menu. Dishes like the claypot rice with minced pork patty and salted fish not to mention the house tripes are awesome.
This dish requires a 15 minute wait, which is a good thing because it means they cook the dish from scratch like it should be made. Add some chilli oil and you got yourselves a homely comfort dish, good to the last grain of charred salty rice.

39, avenue de Choisy
75013 Paris
Phone : 01 45 84 20 45

January 03, 2008

the Best Paris Twelfth Night cake to celebrate the Epiphany on January 6th, 2008

Here is our TOP 10 best Twelfth Night cake adresses for 2008 :

Régis Colin' Twelfth Night cake is the big winner of the almond pancake : decors, cooking, flaky pastry, creaming, every aspect of the cake has been discussed and voted upon by a professional jury...

Régis Colin
53 rue Montmartre
75002 Paris
Tel : 01 42 36 02 80
Open : everyday from 08am to 08pm
Price : 18 € for 6 people - from January 2nd

Arnaud Delmontel created a "thousand and one nights" cake full of oriental flavours : almond cream with an orange flower flavour, honey crumbled pistachio. You'll also find there 4 Twelfth Night cakes made with AOC Charente Poitou butter, the classic frangipane, the greedy chocolate, the acid lemon cake and the salt flowered caramel one. Available from January 2nd.

Arnaud Delmontel
39 rue des Martyrs
75009 Paris
57 rue Damrémont
75018 Paris
Tel : 01 48 78 29 33 / 01 42 64 59 63
Open: 07am to 08:30pm but Tuesdays
Price : 4,80 € per personne

Pierre Hermé - This year the pastry chef star offers a choice of 3 Twelfth Night cakes : "Carrément chocolat" (flaky pastry, bitter chocolate ganache, crusty chocolate), "aux amandes" (flaky pastry, Almond cream) and of course the famous "Ispahan", with its oriental flavours. this rose flavoured macaroon biscuit, stuffed with rose flavoured almond cream, litchis and rasp, should make a big buzz !

Pierre Hermé
72 rue Bonaparte
75006 Paris
Tel : 01 43 54 47 77
Open : Monday to Sunday from 10am to 07pm, Saturday until 07:30pm
Price : "Ispahan" 3/4 persons 32 €, 6/8 persons 52 €, 10/12 persons 68 €

Macha tea Twelfth Night cake by Sadaharu Aoki
The most parisian of all Japanese pastry chef designed a cake mixing the french and japanese flavours : a flaky tea flavoured pastry, an Almond cream on an Azuki red bean paste, the all thing splashed with black sesame seeds.

Sadaharu Aoki
35 rue de Vaugirard
75006 Paris
Tel : 01 45 35 36 80
Open : Tuesday to Saturday from 11am to 07pm & Sundays from 10am to 06pm
Price : 4 pers 21.50 €, 6 pers 32.00 €, 8 pers 42.50 €

Spiced at Ladurée
This year, Ladurée Twelfth Night cake is a Gingerbread cake. For the amateurs, Ladurée offers a choice of very original charms : musical instrument miniatures - cithare, violin ou tambourin -, in very nice boxsets.

21 rue Bonaparte
75006 Paris
Tel : 01 44 07 64 87
Open: 08:30am to 07:30pm
Price : 4,90 € a slice

Simplicity & tradition at Paul
“pure butter” flaky pastry, frangipane with generous almonds : Paul's Twelfth Night cake is simple and tasty !

25 avenue de l'Opéra
75001 Paris
Tel : 01 42 60 78 22
Open : from 07:30am to 08pm from Monday to Saturday, 10am to 08pm on Sundays
Price : 10 € for 4/6 persons

Pistaccio flavoured cake at Gérard Mulot
The St Germain's famous pastry chef has created a frangipane na Pistaccio cream Twelfth Night cake. Its name ? "Melchior", like one of the 3 wise men.
You can also chose his Apple & Chocolate Twelfth Night cake but you'll have to order it first.

Gérard Mulot
76, rue de Seine
75006 Paris
Tel : 01 43 26 85 77
Price : 5 € per person

New flavours at Eric Kayser
A new triple flavour Twelfth Night cake, as an hommage to the Three wise men : Honey roasted apricots, Almond cream and 4 spices. A " special" very flavoured under a pure butter flaky pastry.

Eric Kayser
14 rue Monge 75005 Paris
Tel : 01 44 07 17 81
Ouvert : de 8h à 20h15 sauf le lundi
Price : 21,50 € for 6 persons

Epiphanie 2008, "Lenôtre Jubilee Twelfth Night cake"
Last and not Least Lenôtre and its pastry Chef, Guy Krenzer, imagined to celebrate the Lenotre 50 years anniversary a solar and very original Twelfth Night cake.
Smashing codes and conventions, he designed the first solar shaped cake to ply the Sun king with jubilation !
Elegant, astonishing, the Jubilee cake has to be tasted like a ritual.
Lets start with the heart divine - mix of melting perfumed apples, Aix en Provence' Almond Calisson with a touch of Orange crystallized fruit to pinnacle with a stunning passion fruit exotism.

Jubilee Twelfth Night cake
6/8 pers.
Price : 45 €

The 2008 charms - « Passion », « Pleasure », « Love», « Delice » - as many emotion and sharing messages to celebrate 50 years of high greed.
The Jubilee Boxset
Hat box, surpise box ? a "Sparkling" set decorated with golden bubbles with the Jubilee 5 charms.
Price : 35 €

Le Café Lenôtre Odyssey
110 avenue de France
75013 Paris
Tel 01 44 97 01 39

December 29, 2007

Restaurants with a view for the New Year

The closest to the stars - Le Ciel de Paris
33, ave du Maine Tour Montparnasse
75015 Paris XVème
Téléphone : 01 40 64 77 64

Located at the 56th floor of the Montparnasse Tower, the restaurant Le Ciel de Paris offers one of the most beautiful views of the capital. From the Eiffel Tower to the Invalides, via La Défense, you can see all the major sights of Paris, while sitting at your table. For New year's Eve, an orchestra will accompany the dinner before carrying on for the rest of the dancing night. Menu is € 295 with drinks (champagne Jacquart "Brut de nominée", Saint-Julien Connétable de Talbot et champagne Jacquart "Brut rosé").

View on the roofs of Paris - La maison Blanche (the white house)
15, ave Montaigne
75008 Paris VIIIème
Téléphone : 01 47 23 55 99

Located above the Théâtre des Champs-Elysées, avenue Montaigne, the White House (la maison blanche) is overlooking the rooftops of Paris and offers a magical view. Between romance, glamour and cuisine, the restaurant offers an elegant evening punctuated by an orchestra with a Brazilian singer, musicians and dancers to celebrate the new year. As a bonus, you'll be able to admire the fireworks show shot by the City of Paris. Menu is € 250 per person (excluding drinks).

With a view on the Eiffel Tower and the Seine - Les ombres (The shadows)
220, rue de l’Université
75007 Paris VIIème
Téléphone : 01 47 53 68 00

This restaurant has a panoramic view over the whole city as it is located on the 5th floor of the Quai Branly Museum. It's enough to say that dinner, overlooking the Eiffel Tower and the Seine is unforgettable. For Eve, December 31st, the restaurant offers a special evening in a warm and Soul Jazz ambiance with the Pierre Sibille Quartet. The Chef Arno Busquet has designed a gourmet menu with wines and champagnes selected by sommelier Christophe Journé. Evening is € 298 including drinks.

The Paris TOP 50 restaurants for the perfect New Year Eve
Part 2

The Luxury Choice

Under the sign of food and wine's perfect match - Senderens
9, place de la Madeleine
75008 Paris
Téléphone : 01 42 65 22 90

Head of the former Lucas Carton, Alain Senderens still has his shop on the Place de la Madeleine in Paris. He gave up his 3-star in the Michelin to establish a more affordable and modern restaurant. His cuisine is still very much in the same Lucas Carton's spirit, with products admittedly a little less noble, but with associations still up to the task. A wine is always suggested with every dish, for a perfectly controlled association. The master of gastronomy has designed a very greedy menu for the Eve. € 270 dinner with a glass of champagne or € 375 with the food and wine perfect match.

The World Choice

New Year Creole with Babette
32, rue de Longchamp
75016 Paris
Téléphone : 01 45 53 00 07

Babette de Rozières, a famous Caribbean cook, serves customers in her restaurant the "WT Babette" in the sixteenth Parisian borough. She prepares there some refined dishes cooked according to Creole tradition . For Eve, 31 December, Babette is preparing a typical Caribbean menu at € 155.

A 100% caviar New year Eve at the 144 Petrossian
18, bd Latour Maubourg
75008 Paris VIIème
Téléphone : 01 44 11 32 32

This house that specializes in caviar has, since 1920, invented several formulas enhancing Petrossian's product qualities specifically for the Holidays. Throughout the evening, a concert of classical music will accompany this Russian Tzar meal. The menu alone is € 200 per person, the Matching wine and food menu is deemed to € 250, and including the addition of a glass of champagne, a glass of vodka, two glasses of wine, a dessert wine and half a bottle of Water and coffee. It is also possible to compose his own menu's Eve with the map of caviars.

Eve at the temple of Thai gastronomy - The Blue Elephant
43, rue de la Roquette
75011 Paris XIème
Téléphone : 01 47 00 42 00

Here, it is served a fresher Thai cuisine in a paradise setting close to the Bastille. For the New Year, the whole restaurant team has specifically worked around a menu in the colours of green papaya and banana flowers composed of 7 starters, 7 different dishes and many scented desserts. Fabulous exotic cocktails are also offered. An New year Eve that invites you to travel and discover distant landscapes for € 140 per person.

The Romantic Choice

Cosy and greedy ambiance at the First
234, rue de Rivoli
75001 Paris Ier
Téléphone : 01 44 77 10 40

On the prestigious Rue de Rivoli, facing the Tuileries Gardens, the First is the boudoir restaurant in the Westin Paris, a place with a cosy ambiance, imagined by the designer Jacques Garcia. The Chef Patrick Juhel revisits in his kitchen the brasserie type dishes. For Eve December 31st, he imagined a gourmet menu, perfect for a face-to-face dinner. Menu is € 259 per person with a half-bottle of Green Point.

On a Dolce Vita melody - Il Cortile
37, rue Cambon
75001 Paris Ier
Téléphone : 01 44 58 44 58

In the luxurious Hotel de Castille, midway between squares of the Madeleine and the Concorde, the restaurant Il Cortille invites you to a taste of Italy, updated by the chef Vittorio Beltramelli. In a Florentine-style set, you can be rocked by the charms of Tuscany. On December 31, a pair of flutists will entertain the evening, surrounded by six automat with deer and white fox head dressed in eighteenth century fashion. Eve's Menu is at € 265 per person.

Elegance and intimacy - Le Jardin des Cygnes (Swan's garden)
33, ave George V
75008 Paris VIIIème
Téléphone : 01 53 23 78 50

On the luxury George V Avenue, a stone's throw from the Champs Elysees and the finest retailers in the capital, the restaurant of the Hotel Prince of Wales offers an intimate and charming for a romantic dinner. The chef, Benoist Rambaud, designed a refined menu for the New Year's Eve. An orchestra will perform for the evening. Menu is € 345 per person with a half-bottle of champagne.

Casserole ambiance a stone's throw from the Champs Elysees - Flora's Flavours
36, avenue George V 75008 Paris VIIIème
Téléphone : 01 40 70 10 49

In a setting elegantly blending ancient and modern the Flora Mikula's restaurant offers an inventive cuisine with a Provence twist. But this is only a start, since the stove also composed with the flavors of the world, to create a delicate cuisine, with personal and gourmet touch. A cuisine that will soon be rewarded with a Michelin star. Eve's Menu at € 150.

the New year's Party Choice
Celebrate the New Year until the end of the night
20, rue Gaïté 75014
Paris XIVème
Métro : Gaîté
Téléphone : 01 43 27 24 24

The new cabaret in the rue de la Gaîté, Bobin'O, splits hairs to organise the biggest festival ever organized for the New year's Eve. Guests will be treated to a show with dancing, singing, performance, magic and comedy! Two options are offered:

- An Eve menu formula at € 490 per person which includes a delightful meal accompanied by a half-bottle of Laurent Perrier champagne great century and a half-bottle of Sancerre Les Megaliths or Millesimed Margaux.
- An Eve cocktail formula on the mezzanine level at € 350 per person with a variety of sparkling original appetizers with a half-bottle of champagne Tsarina brut and a half-bottle of 2004 Chateau Haut Reys or Ségla Laplagne 2003.

An Eve to the rhythm of samba - Brasil Tropical in Paris
36, rue du Départ
75015 Paris XVème
Téléphone : 01 42 79 94 94

The Brazilian cabaret Brasil Tropical, located a stone's throw from Montparnasse offers a show with Brazilian musicians and dancers. On December 31st, the cabaret is preparing a special evening to spend Eve in the tropics with a dinner with music, dance and show revue. Menu is € 250 per person with a half-bottle of Bordeaux and a half-bottle of champagne.

An unforgettable dinner - The Lido
116, avenue des Champs Elysées
75008 Paris VIIIème
Téléphone : 01 40 76 56 10

This is certainly the most famous of all cabarets, located on the Avenue des Champs Elysées, the most beautiful avenue in the world. On 31 December, the dancers prepare an exceptional show to celebrate the new year in style. As early as 09pm, customers are greeted with music by the orchestra, before enjoying a dinner prepared by chef Philippe Lacroix and his teams, before attending the Happiness show & revue (La revue bonheur). Evening is € 560 drinks included (water, bottle of champagne or wine and coffee).

An Eve in a legendary cabaret - The Moulin Rouge
82, boulevard de Clichy
75018 Paris XVIIIème
Téléphone : 01 53 09 82 82

The famous cabaret in the Pigalle district designed an Eve to remember to celebrate the new year with a dinner with the Moulin Rouge orchestra, the "Féerie" reveu and dancing night until dawn. Evening is € 550 with a bottle of Taittinger Millesimed champagne per person.

December 28, 2007

The Paris TOP 50 restaurants for the perfect New Year Eve
Part 1

The Wired Choice

Le Kube Rooms & Bars
1-5, passage Ruelle
75018 Paris
Métro : La Chapelle
Téléphone : 01 42 05 20 00

- Happy Kube Formula : 1/4 Nicolas Feuillatte bottle and a 30 minutes session at the Ice Bar with 4 vodka cocktails tasting. 60 €.

- Funny Kube Formula : NY Eve's diner and 30 minutes session at the Ice Bar with 4 vodka cocktails tasting. 190 €.

- Crazy Kube Formula : NY Eve's diner and 30 minutes session at the Ice Bar with 4 vodka cocktails tasting. Double bed room for a night and brunch on January 1st. 320 €.

The Murano
http://www.muranoresort.com13, blvd du Temple
75003 Paris
Téléphone : 01 42 71 20 00

On the bar side - 22h30. Une assiette gourmande de réveillon sera proposée à 75 €

On the restaurant side - A gourmet menu for two @ 350 €, Dom Pérignon bottle included or at 230 € per seat without champagne.

The User-Friendly Choice

La Terrasse du Jazz
81, boulevard Gouvion Saint-Cyr
75017 Paris
Métro : Porte Maillot
Téléphone : 01 40 68 30 42

Two steps away from the porte Maillot, Le Etoile Méridien is hidding a jewel, quiet and user-friendly in an oasis of green winter garden of the hotel. For New year eve, the restaurant offers a special menu for 105€ per person (drinks not included)

The Familly Choice

Hôtel Méridien Montparnasse
19, rue du Commandant René Mouchotte
75014 Paris
Téléphone : 01 44 36 44 00

Within the Méridien Montparnasse in Paris, Justine offers, in a very arty setting with exhibitons of paintings and sculpture an original buffet formula even for the New year eve diner... 75 € per person uncluding one glass of champagne. Brunch on the 1st at 55 € including one glass of crémant.

The Unusual Choice

Olé Bodéga in Champigny sur Marne
http://www.olebodegaparis.com13, boulevard des Alliés
94500 Champigny Sur Marne
Téléphone : 01 48 80 19 58

Under a Circus tent, discover the feria's ambiance of the France south-west. During the evening a show is performed while you will enjoyed your New year eve special menu for a mere 115€ per guest.
rather unusual isn't it?

New year eve diner at the tracks - Le Prestige
http://www.olebodegaparis.com13, boulevard des Alliés
2 route de la Ferme (Bois de Vincennes)
75012 Paris
Téléphone : 01 43 53 68 44

Great moments of emotion guaranteed ! from your table, you'll get a panoramic view on the runway at the heart of the action-racing Hippodrome of Paris-Vincennes. On December 31st, a prestige menu will be prepared for lunch. The provision of € 120 includes an appetizer, menu, drinks, the entrance, parking and two cheques for betting.

A lyric dinner for the New Year at The Bel Canto
72, quai Hôtel de Ville
75004 Paris
Téléphone : 01 42 78 30 18

The Bel Canto servers are no ordinary servers. Behind each of them is hiding an opera singer. Pour le 31 décembre, les artistes seront en tenue de soirée et interpréteront un répertoire original. On December 31st, the artists will be dressed up with evening suits and dresses and will perform an original repertoire. An animation is scheduled for the 12 strokes of midnight. The New Year's menu is € 170 per person. A delicate harmony flavor between food and opera arias.

New year eve diner between Room-mates - Les colock
131, rue du Cherche Midi
75015 Paris
Téléphone : 01 47 34 43 58

The Colock (French for Roomies) is quite a concept! Here, Mr. Papillon welcomes you at home, an Apartment restaurant with a lounge atmosphere. The decor is very unique with its collections of 80's Vogue magazines, its Yves Saint-Laurent hat boxes, its flashy tiles, bistro chairs and disparate furniture ... This restaurant offers for the evening of December 31st a friendly evening between Roomies for 72 € wines non included.

The twelve strokes of midnight on the Seine - The Parisian boats (Les Bateaux parisiens)
Port de la bourdonnais
75007 Paris
Tel: 00825 01 01 01

What could be more exciting than to reserve a Parisian cruise for the last night of the year, at the restaurant of les Bateaux Parisiens? At 20:30 sharp, you'll board the barge of your choice. The Star service is at 300 €, the Select at € 380, the First € 460 and the bretagne at € 500. An animation with orchestra and singers accompanies the tasting menu, the time of a memorable ballad in Paris by night.

The Luxury Choice

To see New year in a palace - Le Crillon
10, place de la Concorde
75008 Paris
Téléphone : 01 44 71 16 16

The Parisian palace on the Place de la Concorde offers this year several formulas to live a New Year eve dream in a unique setting. Jean-François Piège, the Ambassadors 2 stars chef is the author of the exceptionnal menus that are offered that evening.

Gourmet Eve menu at the restaurant Les Ambassadeurs: a starry-menu in a eighteenth century decors with a classical quartet, € 745 (beverages not included).

Eve in the halls of the historic hotel, with a breathtaking view of the Place de la Concorde. The evening will be marked by jazz music. Menu € 695 per person (drinks included).

A festive celebration at the restaurant the Obelisk, in the atmosphere of an elegant brewery, to the rhythm of the Bossa Nova. Evening at € 485 per person (drinks included). Menu identical to the one used in the historical salons.

For the 1st of the year, the Crillon organizes the Ambassadors brunch to celebrate the New Year with family or friends. Brunch at € 120 per person.

A New Year Eve at Le Bristol
112, rue du Faubourg-St-Honoré
75008 Paris
Téléphone : 01 53 43 43 00

The famous hotel on the rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré sets several grandiose plans to see Newww year. The Eve will shape in the form of three different environments: tradition, light and festive.

- At the Winter restaurant, Eric Fréchon, Head of the 2 stars Bristol restaurant, is preparing an evening under the sign of gastronomy. Menu € 680.

- In the rooms of the summer restaurant, the evening preceded by a cocktail, will be marked by an orchestra. At midnight, fireworks will be fired in the hotel garden. Menu € 800 off-drink.

- At the bar, Eve takes on the appearance of celebration, with disc jokey and dance floor. At midnight, the guests will be invited to admire the fireworks in the garden. Evening € 250 off-drinks.

A 3 stars Eve rue de Rivoli - Le Meurice
228, rue de Rivoli
75001 Paris
Téléphone : 01 44 58 10 55

Under the arcades of the Rue de Rivoli, across from the Tuileries Gardens, the Hotel Meurice is a luxury hotel known for its gourmet cuisine. The chef, Yannick Alléno, triple Michelin star in 2007, develops majestic menus for the evening of December 31st. Four evenings have been imagined for a New Year of exception:

- Evening "starry Dream" in the dining room decor with a recently enhanced by Philippe Starck. The dinner will be signed Yannick Alléno. Menu à 750 € (hors-boissons). Menu € 750 (excluding drinks)

- Evening "ignited Dreams" at Tuileries Jeu de Paume fairs, a dinner in a fiery mood, some dishes and a surprising staff on Fire! Menu € 450 (including drinks).

Evening "Mad escape" at the bar: between friends, family or two.

December 18, 2007

Sushi Gourmet
Japanese restaurant of the week by Martin ROULLEAUX DUGAGE

Right across the France's Radio house, a very small sushi bar with only room for 20 people to the max. But come in the evening and you'll notice a queue to get in, and in the queue almost everyone speaks japanese.... why ? Probably because here you'll find the best sushis of Paris.(it's only Martin P.O.V. - editor's note.), anyway compared to the other sushi places of the neighbourood it is the very best... and by the way it's also one of the cheapest one !

Sushi Gourmet
1, rue de l'Assomption
75016 Paris

Tel: 01 45 27 09 02
Tuesay to Saturday
Noon – 02:30pm
07pm – 10pm

December 13, 2007

Le Petit Marguery !
the traditionnal French gourmet cuisine restaurant (75013)

Some believe this restaurant is hidding withing a time free zone in the heart of the Paris 13th borrough. It is so «like it used to be» it's frightening... But there is a mistery indeed as evrything changes (Chef, management) , but... Nothing changes (decor, cuisine, audience, service)! .

Years ago, the Cousin brothers were distillating the cream of the cream of the french traditionnal cuisine to the big mouth gourmets of Paris. Whatever happened in the history of French cuisine, their menu would remain "ultra traditional" full of calories and tastefull recipes. decade after decade, the Cousin and their successors kept their battleship at the edge of the french traditionnal gourmet cuisine. Lately a new team took over and tidied the place up, putted an extra shine on the 1900's decor but thanks god for that didn't change the fundamental of the house.... the only news is that there is no news and all is good ! The very same terrines de faisan, foie gras on toast, cassolettes of snails, gras-double, ris de veau, rognons à la graine de moutarde, gravy with all the disihes, strong on cream, butter and more gravy, you'll need Burt Lancaster's jaws to get through it served by some Inspecteur Clouseau like waiters ;-) You're still reading ? great... there is more to come, like game on season, and will you dare for the soufflé Grand Marnier ? It is a monument indeed.

9, bd de Port-Royal
75013 Paris
Tél. : 01 43 31 58 59. Tlj. sf. dim. et lun.
Métro : Les Gobelins.

30 & 36 € set menu. 23 et 26 € lunch Menus

The good spot: table n°25. Serviced by «Môssieur» Yannick !